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With a vision from then Editor-in-Chief of the Honolulu Advertiser, Buck Buchwach, Dr. Jack Scaff and Carole Kai co-founded the Great Aloha Run in 1985.

A well-known cardiologist and Father of the Honolulu Marathon and Marathon Clinic, Dr. Scaff had a passion for running and believed that anyone could run a marathon as long as they trained and prepared for it properly. Outspoken at times and always brutally honest to the core, he was fierce in his beliefs and found joy in helping people become their very best.

Dr. Scaff always believed that the Great Aloha Run had great potential to become Hawaii’s run. From its inaugural year of 11,000+ finishers, the run has grown to become a community event that celebrates an annual attendance averaging 20 to 25 thousand participants.

39 years later, the Great Aloha Run journey continues its support for the people of Hawaii, having generated $16 million dollars for local charities that serve the community. Armed with the mission to serve the community and the perseverance of Carole Kai, her unwavering CORE Planning Team, its dedicated Road Committee, and more than 4,000 volunteers have worked in unity to build this iconic community event to what it is today.

Dr. Scaff passed away in September 2022.

In 2023, the Great Aloha Run dedicates its 39th Hawaii Pacific Health Great Aloha Run to Dr. Jack H. Scaff, Co-Founder of the Great Aloha Run for his foresight, endless support, and passion for helping the people of Hawaii.

We are grateful for his contributions to the Great Aloha Run and the Hawaii running community.

Black and white photo of Carole Kai and Dr. Jack Scaff stand on either side of a seated John Waiheʻe, 4th governor of Hawaii. The U.S. and Hawaii state flags and the bottom half of the state seal are in the background.

Carole Kai and Dr. Jack Scaff pose with John Waiheʻe, 4th governor of Hawaii.

Black and white photo of Alan Sunio and Dr. Jack Scaff, both wearing caps. Seating from Aloha Stadium is behind them.

Race Director Alan Sunio, with Dr. Jack Scaff, co-Founder of the Great Aloha Run at Aloha Stadium.

Scan of newspaper clipping with a picture of Buck Buchwach, Honolulu City Council vice chairman John DeSoto, and Dr. Jack Scaff, and the article text beside it.

The Honolulu Advertiser clipping about Dr. Jack Scaff, co-Founder of the Great Aloha Run, being honored for “outstanding voluntary community service”